The Funniest Responses to Donald Trump’s Prince of Whales Tweet

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The Funniest Responses to Donald Trump’s Prince of Whales Tweet

Okay, I’ve been out of town for a few days, so let’s ease back into the grind with something simple—a post I can whip together quickly and that doesn’t really take a lot of thought to pull together. That means looking at Twitter, which usually means looking for whatever the president has recently said or done and the reaction to it. And yes, sure enough, Trump did a thing and people are talking about it and okay here’s my first task for the day.

Can you believe that Trump wrote something dumb on the internet? Mere hours after telling ABC he’d totally accept dirt on opponents from foreign governments, and that “the FBI director is wrong” in stating that the FBI should be notified of any electoral interference from foreign sources, Trump tweeted a dumb thing where he misspelled a word and now everybody is totally all hepped up on making jokes about it. It’s hard to ascribe any actual intelligence or strategy to this guy, but if Trump wanted to get everybody to stop talking about that interview, which is basically the most recent example that Congress needs to be impeaching this dude post-haste, tweeting childish nonsense like “the Prince of Whales” has been proven to be effective.

It works, and yes, it works in part because we write posts like this. Sorry. This is a numbers game and I play it just hard enough to not lose (hopefully). Twitter made jokes about the bad man’s stupid mistake and ideally you can scroll through this post and still remember the actually serious and even more ridiculous stuff he told George Stephanopoulos earlier this week.

So hey: here are some jokes about the thing the guy did on the site. Enjoy?

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