Kroll Show: “Sponsored by Stamps”

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Kroll Show: “Sponsored by Stamps”

This week’s Kroll Show was back on the ball. It was also back on the balls, as it included not one, but two surprising jokes about balls that I won’t spoil. The episode was funny. I could qualify that by saying it was far from the funniest episode of the series, but I won’t because I want you to watch it. Kroll Show may never be a supremely funny show overall, but it’s usually filled with memorable smaller moments and a certain x-factor that keeps pulling me back each week.

One of the biggest problems with this episode was a nearly wasted guest appearance by Jason Mantzoukas as former band member Spit Decreaux in the Nash Rickey’s Rocking Reunion sketch. The costumes were funny but most of the dialogue was not. However, Jordan Peele’s fantastic referee companion to Kroll’s reoccurring friendless basketball referee Jeff balanced it out. Another great guest was Adam Pally’s American college bro Spencer, who meets Mikey and Tunes as the Degrassi Junior High parody “Wheels Ontario” goes on a college visit in the states.

But this episode had more good than bad. Even if you only tune in for the exchange between Kroll and executive producer/director Jonathan Krisel about how he’d definitely watch a reality show set in space, it’s probably worth your while.

Some Highlights:

1. Pete Holmes as the host of the “Making Friends” reality show explaining that they are all actually there to make friends.

2. Pete Holmes asking if anyone would go to a light lunch with Jeff the referee for one million cash dollars.

3. Pete Holmes’ impression of Nick Kroll

4. Pete Holmes’ description of the anchor to his Nick Kroll impression as “casual disdain.”

5. Pete Holmes, basically.

6. Jason Mantzoukas throwing up.

7. As they are officiating a basketball game together, Jordan Peele asking Nick Kroll “What’s your favorite M. Night Shyamalan movie?”

8. Kroll’s immediate response: “Signs, no question.”

9. “Canada canceled track after Ben Johnson shamed our country by cheating.”

10. The women’s college dorm is called Pathos Hall.

11. This exchange between Kroll and Pally:

“You keep your milk in bags?”
“Yeah, how would you store it?”
“Why don’t you put it in cartons?”
“Because we put it in bags.”

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