The Funniest Tweets about the First Presidential Debate

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The Funniest Tweets about the First Presidential Debate

It’s hard to laugh about a debate where the sitting president refuses to disavow white supremacists, repeatedly lies throughout, and encourages his supporters to “watch” polling place, but what else could anybody expect from Trump? Tonight’s debate was an absolute disaster, with Trump bloviating like an abuser trying to break his victim, and moderator Chris Wallace catastrophically failing at his job. If you somehow still had any hope for America, maybe these 90 minutes finally smartened you up.

Still, though, despite being an utter black hole of comedy, hope, optimism, and anything else remotely positive, this debate couldn’t go untweeted. I’m going to take a page from our president and confidently state, with absolutely no evidence or research whatsoever, that over 90% of tweets sent between 9 p.m. and 10:30 p.m. ET were about the debate. The vast majority of them were prosaic or generic or repetitive or even downright terrible. A small select few were legitimately funny, though, and those are the ones gathered here below. Relive the latest embarrassment to befall our failing democracy, now in convenient tweet form, and make sure you follow all the people who wrote ‘em. And get ready for further indignities when the next debate happens next week.

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