Watch Colbert Respond to Trump’s Anti-Transgender Order

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Watch Colbert Respond to Trump’s Anti-Transgender Order

As many are now aware, the Trump administration recently issued an order that would repeal a law set down by Obama that allows transgender students to use whichever bathroom they prefer. Trump’s harmful and cruel repeal of the protective law has prompted outcry from politicians, activists and the internet/world in general.

Stephen Colbert, who has seen a rise in ratings since he began covering politics again, had a few things to say about it. Watch the clip above to hear him make fun of Reince Priebus and Steven Bannon’s awkward attempts at camaraderie at CPAC, and then proceed to take down the administration over their anti-transgender stance.

Colbert calls out infamous Education Secretary Betsy Devos in particular. Apparently, Devos initially was against the order to repeal the law, and said she was worried about the harm it would cause transgender students. However, as she faced mounting pressure from the White House, she caved. “So, Betsy Devos knew it would harm children, and did it anyway to save her job. How does she sleep at night?” asked Colbert.

You can read more Paste coverage of the Trump administration’s decision to roll back federal regulations protecting transgender students here, and don’t miss “In The Transgender Bathroom Fight, Betsy Devos Nearly Had a Moment of Integrity.”

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