Captain Marvel Returns as an Ongoing Series from Kelly Thompson & Carmen Carnero

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Captain Marvel Returns as an Ongoing Series from Kelly Thompson & Carmen Carnero

West Coast Avengers writer Kelly Thompson and X-Men Red artist Carmen Carnero will be heading up the relaunch of the Captain Marvel ongoing comic series, as revealed by the New York Times Tuesday. This new comic is slated to begin just three months before the character’s debut MCU film premieres, although the creative team sees a less capitalistic timeliness for the comic.

According to Thompson, Captain Marvel is hugely important for women, and like many other women characters, Captain Marvel has had some…flawed takes from male writers. As The NYT notes, Captain Marvel went through a few overly sexualized costumes, especially in comparison to her male counterparts, and even survived a several botched sexual assault storyline when she was abducted by aliens. With popular scribe Thompson at the helm, Captain Marvel should get the respect she deserves once more.

The new series plays off of this summer’s limited series, The Life of Captain Marvel, from Margaret Stohl, Carlos Pacheco and Marguerite Sauvage. Though some fans will likely groan over the renumbering, Thompson went to Twitter to say that it’s a “perfect launching pad.”

After returning to New York from another space trip, Captain Marvel brings Carol Danvers back to the best parts of her history. Thompson and Carnero plan to reunite the character with her ally Iron Man and best friend Spider-Woman, offer up a romance and, most importantly, feature loads of powerful women.

Captain Marvel hits stands on January 2nd, 2019. See Amanda Conner’s cover art below.


Captain Marvel #1 Art by Amanda Conner

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