KFC is Making Edible Chicken Nail Polish

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Add this to the running list of the world’s weirdest things no one asked for: an edible nail polish from KFC.

The fast food chain famous for its fried chicken and getting attacked by Peta announced that it’s taking scratch and sniff to a whole ‘nother level with its new line of edible nail polish. While the idea itself seems super absurd, things get hilariously worse when you realize the product’s slogan is “finger lickin’ good.”

The joint effort between the chicken chain giant and marketing company Ogilvy & Mather and McCormick (they produce the distinctive KFC flavor), has led to the polish being made available in two flavors, “original” and, for those of us that like a little burn every time we have an itch that needs scratched, “hot & spicy.”

Despite the bottle itself having an “edible” label, we’re not entirely sure you should eat the polish that one McCormick rep said “tastes like chicken.” If only for the fact that it’s nail polish and we have to maintain some level of principle-based sanity about the world.

At present, the polish is only available in the Hong Kong market and to a select few media and fashion industry members. It’s expected that KFC will release the polish to the North American market at a later date, but until then you can check out this super odd (and super intense) music video uploaded by KFC Hong Kong to promote the edible nail color line.

The entire concept, while mildly humorous, has us wondering how many hands this idea went through (and on) before it became an actual reality. Especially when you consider that while what you do in the privacy of your own home is your business, it’s not too culturally acceptable to sit around and suck on your fingers all day in public. And really, what else would you buy edible polish for?

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