Krispy Kreme Teams Up With Ghirardelli To Bring Us Ridiculously Decadent Doughnuts

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Krispy Kreme Teams Up With Ghirardelli To Bring Us Ridiculously Decadent Doughnuts

New Krispy Kreme doughnuts, inspired by the popular Ghirardelli squares, will be available in select stores in the United States and Canada starting April 3. A press release announcing the confections drips with words like “indulgent,” “decadent” and the somewhat-curious catchphrase “OMGhirardelli.”

Jackie Woodward, Chief Marketing Officer of Krispy Kreme Doughnuts, explains, “Uniting premium chocolate enthusiasts and our beloved doughnut fans, these doughnuts offer an OMG-worthy reward any time of day—whether you’re celebrating life’s everyday moments or in search of a delightful afternoon indulgence.”

In additional to celebrating the little things in life (before death comes in the form of a clogged artery), Krispy Kreme has also liberated us of the burden of decisions, boasting that customers will no longer have the make the Sophie’s choice between “sweet or salty, chocolate or pastry.”

As for the doughnuts themselves, they do sound pretty tantalizing. The Mint Chocolate doughnut will be filled with White Mint Kreme filling “inspired by” the Ghirardelli Mint Chocolate squares, dipped in chocolate icing, decorated with green icing and topped with Ghirardelli mini chocolate chips. The Sea Salt Caramel doughnut, filled with sea salt caramel filling and dipped in chocolate, is topped with a blend of amber sugar, salt sprinkle and Ghirardelli chocolate chips. Are they trying to kill us?

Check out the photos below for a tempting visual or four, visit the Krispy Kreme website to find a nearby participating store, and listen to The Fugees’ “Killing Me Softly” via the Paste Cloud player below to get in the OMGhirardelli mood.

Mint Choclate Doughnut Brown 0074.jpg

Ghiradelli Doughnuts PR 0118.jpg

Mint Chocolate Doughnut 0094.jpg

Salted Caramel Doughnut 0105.jpg

Ghiradelli Doughnuts PR 0126.jpg

Salted Caramel Doughnut Brown 0078.jpg

Ghiradelli Dozen 0237.jpg

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