The 10 Best Videogame Parody Videos

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5. Remi Kart 2

Our second Mario Kart parody on the list comes from Rémi Gaillard, an illustrious kart driver with dreams of conquering rainbow road. His only problem? He’s in the middle of metropolitan France. Enjoy his shenanigans, I don’t think we even need to bother telling you not to try this at home.

4. The Sims in Real Life

Videogames go a long way to simulate real life, but often those simulations are sacrificed in the name of game mechanics. The Sims is one such simulation, one realized to be quite ridiculous when acted out by live people.

3. Star Fox in Iraq

Star Fox seems to be a popular source material at CollegeHumor. This second entry from the furry woodland starfighter imagines an air force pilot attempting to bomb a terrorist training camp whilst dealing with comm traffic from the denizens of the Star Fox universe. Always remember though, “Use bombs wisely.”

2. Poke-Rights, Not Poke-Fights PSA

Pokemon Black and White were recently released for the Nintendo DS system, the fifth generation in the Pokemon line. With more than 650 Pokemon now in the game’s universe, people often forget to stop and think about creatures fighting each other with terrifying attacks of unimaginable magnitude. Do Pokemon not deserve the same attention of those who scorn dogfighting and other illegal animal combat? We didn’t think so. Support Poke-Rights, not Poke-Fights.

1. Red vs. Blue

One of the most famous videogame parody series on the Internet, Red vs. Blue explores the lives of group of Spartan soldiers from the Halo universe. Episode one, dating all the way back to the original Halo: Combat Evolved Xbox game circa 2003, introduces the characters as they ponder their existence in the ever-famous “Blood Gulch” multiplayer map. The series has continued for years, producing thousands of videos and millions of views.