Six Podcasts About Strange Disappearances

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Six Podcasts About Strange Disappearances

When someone goes missing and it’s unexplained, a podcast is a great way to learn what really happened. These podcasts explore strange vanishings in Japan, a hiker in India who never came home, a 20-year-old cold case, an eccentric who faked his own death and the quest to find a biological father. These are much better than the back of a milk carton!

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Status Untraced

Adventurer Jason Alexander plans a spiritual trek into the Himalayan Mountains and mysteriously disappears. He posts cryptically on instagram, “I should return mid-September or so. If I’m not back by then, don’t look for me.” But, host Liam Luxon looks anyway. His social-media history, his parents and his nomadic friends help unravel his complicated backstory and why he was determined to go. We learn he may not be the only one who has gone missing in India.

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