This Alita: Battle Angel Trailer Isn’t Creepy at All

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This Alita: Battle Angel Trailer Isn’t Creepy at All

James Cameron has been trying to get Alita: Battle Angel off the ground for over a decade, and with director Robert Rodriguez at the helm, the project finally came to fruition. After years of waiting, 20th Century Fox has given us the first look at the film with a trailer (above).

Based on the cyberpunk manga series by Yukito Kishiro, actress Rosa Salazar stars as Alita, a discarded cyborg who is restored by a cybernetic doctor (Christoph Waltz). Like in the manga, Alita’s path to discovering her past leads her to become a bounty hunter.

And Salazar’s Alita certainly looks like she jumped straight out of a manga. “Does it bother you that I’m not completely human?” No, it bothers us more that your eyes are absolutely gigantic. It works in visually differentiating the character from the humans, but the intentional uncanny valley may turn off some people.

Besides Salazar and Waltz, the film also stars Jennifer Connelly, Mahershala Ali and Ed Skrein. The film and its wide-eyed protagonist will hit the big screen on July 20, 2018.

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