Future Releases a Teaser Trailer for Superfly Remake, Features New Music

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Future Releases a Teaser Trailer for Superfly Remake, Features New Music

Just months after the cast announcement for the Superfly remake, rapper Future unveiled a teaser trailer for the film after filming wrapped up just two weeks ago.

The trailer features Grown-ish star Trevor Jackson as Youngblood Priest dealing with the highly-competitive drug scene of modern-day Atlanta. Throughout the trailer, the music video-like visual (courtesy of the film’s director, Director X) showcase the opulence clichés life as a drug kingpin can offer—beautiful women, huge mansions, expensive cars and tons of money. But beneath the glossy, ghetto fabulous veneer is a cutthroat underbelly that Youngblood Priest seems to be overwhelmed by during his tension-filled, anxiety-inducing scenes.

Throughout the trailer, a who’s who of southern hip-hop pop up in various scenes, from Rick Ross to 21 Savage to Big Boi of Outkast. Along with the Atlanta musicians being featured in the cast, the film’s co-producer and Atlanta native Future previewed some new music along with his music producer Zaytoven. Based on the visuals and music alone, this movie is shaping up to be a decent nod to the blaxploitation original (which was actually Super Fly) with a modern twist. There is no tentative date for the film other than a mention of it coming out Summer 2018.

Watch the trailer below, along with Future’s behind-the-scenes tweet and Director X’s Instagram update on post-production.