New Wallace & Gromit Project Announced by Creator Nick Park

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New Wallace & Gromit Project Announced by Creator Nick Park

Heading back into the world of stop-motion animation, creator of the hit movie Wallace & Gromit Nick Park has revealed he’s working on a new project featuring the beloved duo.

Speaking to THR, Park explained how unlike the duo’s previous film, he sees the characters in multiple shorts, rather than a feature-length film.

“I’ve got so many ideas, and feature films just take so long,” Park said. “So, I’m not saying ‘no’ but at the moment, a half hour seems far more attractive I must say.”

Park’s most recent work is the 2018 stop-motion film Early Man. Featuring voice acting from Tom Hiddleston, Eddie Redmayne, Maisie Williams and even Park himself, Early Man follows a caveman and his friends as they attempt to save themselves from a grave threat. Early Man took around five years to complete, whereas Park says 30-minute shorts only take about a year.

Beside continuing the antics of Wallace & Gromit, Park hinted at possibly continuing his mockumentary series Creature Comforts.

“I’ve always loved the idea of doing more in the Creature Comforts vein,” Park told THR. “There are so many people out there you can interview so you’ll never run out of material and diverse characters.”

Nonetheless, it seems audiences will be getting some sort of stop-motion content from Park in the next couple of years, and it seems fitting for the creator to announce a return back to the disastrous duo around the 30th anniversary of his creation.

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