Alex G Shares New Single “Runner” Along with Album Announcement

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Alex G Shares New Single “Runner” Along with Album Announcement

Alex G (Alex Giannascoli) follows up the buzz his ominous single, “Blessing,” brought last month with his new release, “Runner.” Giannascoli also announced his ninth studio album God Save the Animals, which will be out Sept. 23 via Domino.

In line with the religious imagery across the previous singles, Giannascoli notes that the divine appears in many of the tracks on his forthcoming album. Instead of appearing as a concrete religious entity, God is a generalized sense of faith that serves as a guiding light for many of his characters, often in fraught situations. Heaven sent, “Runner” has a glow bestowed by angels, further accentuated by the crystal-clear recording quality. The single sports a clean guitar tone and meandering percussion as Giannascoli praises the people he looks up to, “Who don’t judge for what I say, but judge me for what I do.”

Alex G also released a gauzy music video for “Runner,” shot by Colin Acchione and featuring a tenderhearted performance by Giannascoli and his bandmates Sam Acchione, Molly Germer, John Heywood, and Tom Kelly.

You can check out the video for “Runner” below, along with the tracklist and album art for God Save The Animals. You can circle back to “Blessing” to find a complete list of Giannascoli’s fall tour dates.

God Save The Animals Artwork:


God Save The Animals Tracklist:
01. After All
02. Runner
03. Mission
04. S.D.O.S.
05. No Bitterness
06. Ain’t It Easy
07. Cross the Sea
08. Blessing
09. Early Morning Waiting
10. Immunity
11. Headroom Piano
12. Miracles
13. Forgive

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