Daily Dose: Amo Amo, “Closer to You”

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Daily Dose: Amo Amo, “Closer to You”

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It’s summertime, and pretty much wherever you are, it’s hot as hell. Getting close to anybody sounds like a raw, sweat-soaked deal. But you might change your mind after listening to “Closer To You,” the second one-off single from L.A.’s Amo Amo, if only because the track encourages us to forget our sadness, forgive our madness and get closer to whoever “you” might be: Estranged lovers most likely, but take the message however you like.

Amo Amo (comprising Omar Velasco, Love Femme, Shane McKillops, Justin Flint and Alex Siegel) plays it mellow instead of fiery and passionate. Think of “Closer to You” as a season-appropriate popsicle to cool off with, a mellow tune that’s all about the vibe. Produced by Jim James of My Morning Jacket, in keeping with his mission to highlight new talent, “Closer to You” doesn’t fuss or overcomplicate itself; the best atmosphere for playing it is a chill atmosphere, though you’re likely to end up with a chill atmosphere wherever you play it. Amo Amo marries upbeat, mid-tempo drumming with thickset, psychedelic bass lines and a riff plucked out of ethereal phase effects in the song’s background; the tone is all groove, perfect for dancing through the night to shake off the July heat. Listen to “Closer To You” below:

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