Exclusive: Iguana Death Cult Share New Single “Liquify”

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Exclusive: Iguana Death Cult Share New Single “Liquify”

Dutch rockers Iguana Death Cult have unveiled their new single “Liquify,” from their forthcoming album Nude Casino, out on Oct. 25 via Innovative Leisure. You can hear the new single exclusively at Paste below. Nude Casino follows their 2017 self-released debut album The First Stirrings of Hideous Insect Life.

“Liquify” is an ode to morphing states of matter in pursuit of transcendence, appreciation of life and rejection of demoralizing monotony. With a carousel of outlandish and frisky guitar tones, Iguana Death Cult curate something absurd and sportive, yet illuminating.

“To liquify is what you need to do whenever you feel stuck and tired of your own shape,” the band says. “Take some time to observe and just enjoy being. Get rid of your solid state and let the spirit take over.”

According to a press release, the songs on Nude Casino “are anchored in earthbound fears, neuroses and quandaries that have oozed in over the past half-decade.”

Listen to “Liquify,” exclusively via Paste below, and preorder Nude Casino here.

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