Lianne La Havas Shares Video For Radiohead Cover “Weird Fishes”

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Lianne La Havas Shares Video For Radiohead Cover “Weird Fishes”

Just days before the release of her self-titled new album (out on July 17), Lianne La Havas shared the visuals for her cover of Radiohead’s “Weird Fishes,” which appears on her forthcoming record. Recorded during a live session at 123 in Peckham just a few weeks ago, the video features La Havas on guitar and vocals, accompanied by her live band. The cozy setting and relaxed atmosphere make for an intimate experience, and La Havas’s unique musicality and vocal mastery put a fresh spin on the 2007 single.

La Havas says in a statement, “this song is very close to my heart, and in the story of the record the lyrics express perfectly where I was at. At the same time, it felt very appropriate to use it as a kind of test song to record with my live band, to see if we’d work as well in the studio as we do onstage – I’d always wanted to play live in the studio like in the 70s. Everything felt right that day. I knew in June: This is my direction, this is my album, this is my story.”

Watch the video below, and preorder her forthcoming self-titled album here.

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