PREMIERE: Listen to Longplayer’s Debut Single “My Dreams of You”

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PREMIERE: Listen to Longplayer’s Debut Single “My Dreams of You”

Today, Mikey Long—the beloved guitarist of Los Angeles group Drugdealer and periodic Weyes Blood collaborator—has introduced his new solo project, Longplayer, with a pair of singles: “My Dreams of You” and “Find Your Way.” Both tracks are indebted to the guitar legends of yesteryear, and “My Dreams of You” is fit with summery keys and a rhythm that pulses before giving way to Long’s brief but blistering riffs on his Stratocaster. Long hails from Encinitas, which he’s dubbed a “guitar town,” and the connection just makes sense. With the catchiness of a folk song and the spike of colorful, uptempo chord work. It’s hopeful, honest and there’s a bit of a celestial undertone to both tracks, but “Find Your Way” is far more blues-inspired, ringing in like a Beatles B-side without the pastiche. It’s psychedelic, nuanced and charming at all turns. For a couple of debut singles, Mikey Long has dropped in with a bang. He might be a guitar player by trade, but his songcraft transcends just one instrument.

“’My Dreams of You’ and ‘Find Your Way’ should be experienced in motion—akin to the way they were recorded, across both coasts and in between Drugdealer tours,” Long says. “Whether you’re listening while you’re taking the train into the city or breathing in the salt air driving down the PCH, I hope these songs guide you into my world for a bit. They’re day dreams and escapes. Their message is secretly found in the structure of the song, which is sometimes the key.”

Listen to “My Dreams of You” and “Find Your Way” below.

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