Over the Rhine: The Trumpet Child

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Over the Rhine: The Trumpet Child

A wonderfully concise American music sampler

While they don’t revisit the sprawling scope of their opus, Ohio, on their latest disc Over The Rhine takes on a task almost as daunting. Through 11 tracks, the band weaves together seemingly incongruous stylistic threads, evoking its many in?uences. From the Stephen Foster-style overtones of “I Don’t Wanna Waste Your Time” (complete with front-parlor brass and woodwinds) to the spare, Tom Waits-ish plunk of “Nothing Is Innocent,” Trumpet Child is an extremely satisfying listen. There’s even some ’70s AOR ?avor to “Entertaining Thoughts” and Bill Withers groove to “Let’s Spend The Day In Bed.” Granted, Karin Bergquist’s mannered, Billie Holiday-inspired vocals may be an acquired taste, but they are perfectly set in Brad Jones’ sensitive production. Fans will undoubtedly ?nd the album a welcome addition to Over The Rhine’s oeuvre.

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