Southern Culture on the Skids – Mojo Box

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Southern Culture on the Skids – Mojo Box

You can still smell the club-smoke drifting off the first track of SCOTS’ first album in four years, Mojo Box. “Smiley Yeah Yeah Yeah,” is a sexed-up, get-‘em-out-on-the-floor shuffle that leads into the swampy strut of the title track, the rimshots of which are likely to cause spontaneous, involuntary hip-thrusting for anyone within 100 yards of the stage. Eyes will roll at the opening notes of the campy “Doublewide,” but the dance floor won’t clear just yet. Thirtysomethings and first dates head back to their tables for a breather despite the undeniable Chuck Berry charm of “I Want Love.” Only freshmen frat boys will last through “’69 Camino,” essentially a rehash of track two, and by the time “The Wet Spot” rolls around, everyone will be having a brew and watching the rest of the set from the bar.

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