Thyla Share New Single “Fade”

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Thyla Share New Single “Fade”

Brighton quartet Thyla have shared a new single “Fade” following their 2020 EP Everything At Once, which Paste named one the best EPs of the year so far. Everything At Once followed their 2019 debut EP What’s On Your Mind, which also made our year-end EP list.

“Fade” is yet another skying dream pop tune from the group, but they haven’t lost their touch. With this track, Thyla attempt to trade in the near-sighted ego of youth for pleasures that are much more fulfilling and lasting. “I know it’s gonna sink in / When it’s not your high / No fix / Nearby,” lead vocalist Millie Duthie sings.

Duthie says of the new track:

As you grow up you realise things aren’t as they seem. The more you learn the more you realise you have to learn, and it can be a really painful experience taking off the blinkers of your youth. It’s hard to come to terms with the fact that a lot of your drive is based on a hedonistic attitude. Fade’s about waking up to some ugly truths about your personal life and development. How strong are your relationships really and where are you headed if you stay on this trajectory?

There’s no word yet on a debut album, but Duthie commented, “We’re playing the long game. Our favourite artists didn’t come from a meteoric rise, and like them we don’t want to be flash in the pan; we plan on doing this for a long time and on our own terms.”

Listen to “Fade” below.

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