Will Butler Releases Music Video for “What I Want”

Music Video Will Butler
Will Butler Releases Music Video for “What I Want”

Will Butler, brother to Win and an Arcade Fire member, released a new music video for “What I Want”, the 6th track off of his solo album, Policy.

The video features Jennifer Morrison, who you probably remember as Dr. Allison Cameron on House M.D, and more recently, Emma on Once Upon A Time.

In what could be considered possibly as unsavory imagery, Butler and Morrison run around a bar, pointing guns at children. These aren’t real guns, thank goodness. They are laser guns that turn the children, dressed in their best punk rock garb (think of miniature Sid and Nancy), into mundane adults. The video is shot and edited with lots of camera movement and lots of neon lights. It’s frenetic, anxiety-inducing and a little bit frightening, so it makes sense that it would be released the day before Halloween.

This video follows the second “Anna” video, which stars Emma Stone and offers choreography from Ryan Heffington (famous for Sia’s “Chandelier”).

If you haven’t seen “Anna”, watch below. It’s a Wes Anderson-esque romp through a fancy ship as Emma Stone (presumably playing Anna, though it’s never explicitly said) dances with several good looking sailors.

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