Anthony Ivins

Rip Current - A Surfers Tale of Survival

Rip Current - A Surfers Tale of Survival by Anthony Ivins
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fiction Fiction, Suspense
For readers of:Wilbur Smith, Tony Park, B.J Coltrayne
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About the Book

It is spring tide in Jeffreys bay, South Africa’s premier surfing destination, and Matt has just finished work. He is on his way to surf some of the biggest waves of the summer. A huge crowd has built up to watch only a handful of brave surfers try and tame Supertubes. Tracey is a girl that Matt works with and has fancied for a long time. As Matt is catching the biggest wave of the day he sees her getting washed off the rocks. A rip current drags her out to sea where she has to float to stay alive.With darkness approaching and the threat of Great White Sharks and Thunderstorms ever present, how will Matt be able to find Tracey in the dark ocean? Even if he did find her how would they manage to survive?

About the Author

Greetings and welcome to my author page.As you can see my name is Anthony Ivins and I write in my spare time (which is not much at this stage of my life). With a four year old keeping me busy and a full time job I write whenever I get the opportunity to scribble a few words together.Writing has always been a passion of mine and I am glad that I am finally putting pen to paper. Hopefully my writing will improve as I continue my writing journey.

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