Forest York

Swept Pantry

Swept Pantry by Forest York
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fiction Fiction, Religion
For readers of:Wm. Paul Young, Shusaku Endo, Peter Heller
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PublisherForest York
About the Book

This book is a collection of writings from a small community of people who have found expression through the art of writing. Some writings depict struggle and others victory, some are sorrowful and others joyful, but all are expressions to, from, about, and relating to life in the Spirit, in some form or another. We hope that in some of the writing there is something that everyone can relate to in some way or another. Elementary or not, each piece was intentionally selected and edited and kept as it is to show a sort of raw progression in ability, but also in showing that the journey in Christ is never finished. Though some writings may be flawed, they still show the point in time in which the writer was writing. They are a combination of writings that we have gathered from our personal collections. Though the next piece may be contradictory to the last, so are we from day to day, but God is good and faithful.

God is more than we can ever fully grasp or understand.

but God is ever loving and merciful.

Thank you for your support.

All Glory To God

About the Author

Forest York is an author based out of Denver. He is the creator/author of LIGHTSHELTEREDTABLET.BLOGSPOT.COM. He lives in Colorado with his beautiful wife Sonia and their dogs Foster and Crosby, where they currently are pursuing their journey in Christ. Foster has yet to read the books.

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