Charlie Bingham Gets Serious

Maggie M. Larche

Charlie Bingham Gets Serious by Maggie M. Larche
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fiction Children
For readers of:Louis Sachar, Cindy Callaghan, P.G. Wodehouse
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About the Book

Hilarious Charlie Bingham is back, and this time, he's got his sights set on joining the elite hall monitor squad. But Owen, head hall monitor, tells him he's not serious enough for the job! Charlie sets out to prove that he can handle the responsibility and only runs into more trouble than ever. After several fiascoes involving locked closets, glitter, and total class crashes, Charlie must decide if he's really cut out to be a hall monitor after all.

About the Author

Maggie M. Larche loves to sing, read, and swing right alongside her kids. All of her stories feature courageous, smart, funny kids, because that's who her readers are! She is the author of the award-winning Striker Jones series, a groundbreaking approach to teach economics to children through mystery stories.

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Charlie Bingham Gets Serious by Maggie M. Larche
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