The Daddy Baby Quote Book

Marshall Coleman

The Daddy Baby Quote Book by Marshall Coleman
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For readers of:C.S. Lewis, Ray Bradbury, Lois Lowry, Edgar Allen Poe, Ellen Hopkins
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PublisherStoryFold Press
Publication Date10/25/15
About the Book

50 Hilarious, Heartfelt and Relatable Quotes on The First Year of Dad. Whether you're a Dad, a parent-to-be or you just love laughing, then you'll love this small book.

(All these quotes and pieces are from the book "So...I'm A Dad!(?)" which you can download in the Kindle store.)

About the Author

Marshall is the author of a number of books, poems and short stories. He is also a full-time youth minister who loves helping others connect to God through writing and storytelling.

He also writes, produces and hosts StoryFold, a podcast that relates stories from books, movies, history, and everyday people to faith. Though Marshall grew up in Central Florida, he currently lives in the Houston area with his wife and daughter.

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The Daddy Baby Quote Book by Marshall Coleman
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