Simon D. Geddes

For fans of:Christian Books, Wayne A. Grudem, Timothy J. Keller, William Franklin "Billy" Graham Jr.

Maverick by nature and experienced in pastoral ministries, Simon D. Geddes has been both blessed and cursed with the calling to edify fellow Christians on some of the more vociferous issues seldom discussed in the nave.

Unafraid of public reaction, Simon’s debut book ‘Porn Kills’ tackled the incredibly subversive issue of pornography in a compelling yet pragmatic way: being both informative for leaders and counsellors, and compassionate to those suffering from the addiction.

Simon’s life mission as an Apostolic Christian family man, is to pursue a genuine commitment to disseminating the inviolable Word of God and outwardly displaying the unconditional love of the Lord Christ Jesus through personal contact with the aged, the impoverished and the imprisoned.

Following Professor Wayne Grudem’s biblical research style and Billy Graham's hard hitting interpretive style, Simon’s well researched and referenced writings leave readers informed, encouraged and better equipped to prevail in a meretricious world.