Orrin Jason Bradford

Seeds of a New Birth

Seeds of a New Birth by Orrin Jason Bradford
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fiction Fantasy, Fiction
For readers of:Michael Crichton, Dean Koontz, Ray Bradbury, Hugh Howey
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Print Length246
PublisherPorpoise Publishing
Publication DateFebruary 2014
About the Book

Unlocking the Potential of the Human Mind

Scientific Breakthrough... Or a Really Bad Idea?

Research geneticist and genetic engineer, Lionel Adams is onto something hot --the key to unlocking the vast reserves of the human mind. Everyone is interested in it. Bio Vita Tech, the genetics research lab he works for, is excited about the possibilities and the potential mega-profits. So are their foreign competitors who are counting on their inside man at Bio Vita to deliver Adam's secret into their hands.

Everyone seems to want a sample of Adam's formula, except his college buddy, Flip MacDougal, who makes a surprise visit to Bio Vita to play a practical joke on his old friend. Unfortunately, it's Flip who ends up with the sample. His world is turned upside down as he struggles and maneuvers his way through the trouble he has gotten himself into as he unwittingly spreads his "gift" to others.

For a limited time, Seeds of a New Birth, book one of the Kindred Series is free for your reading pleasure. It is a genetic engineering science fiction thriller with a hint of romance about a future where the highly volatile formula of genetic engineering coupled with corporate and personal greed threatens the course of human evolution and perhaps mankind's very existence.

Grab your copy today, and don't miss the special offer for another exciting science fiction story inside.

Order your copy of book two of the Kindred Series, Seeds of a New Power. Now available at http://amzn.com/B00S4DDR96.

About the Author

Orrin Jason Bradford is a pen name for visionary author, W. Bradford Swift, who chose to use a pen name for The Kindred Series in an effort to make it clear to his Young Adult fantasy readers that this book is of another breed entirely.

Dr. Swift (aka Orrin Jason Bradford) attended Clarion West in Seattle to further hone his skill and passion for writing fantasy and science fiction. These two genres are forms of visionary fiction – fiction that first and foremost entertains while also enlightening and encouraging the reader to embrace greater possibilities in their own lives. Giving back to future generations of young adults and adults through visionary fiction and non-fiction is an integral part Swift’s legacy of a life on purpose. To learn more about additional books by the author go to: www.wbradfordswift.com

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