Robert Koyich

Rings of Truth (The First Fountain of Fantasy (Fountain Ten))

Rings of Truth (The First Fountain of Fantasy (Fountain Ten)) by Robert Koyich
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nonfiction Business, Fantasy
For readers of:Personal Journeys, Introspective Prose, New Thought
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Print Length99
Publication DateOctober 9th, 2019
About the Book

Rings of Truth is the first Fountain of Fantasy, though the 10th in the Fountains series. The Fountains are a form of processing journal Robert uses to shape and craft the future. This Fountain includes sections about difficulty living with misbehaviour and a part about Rob's ideal mate. The book considers trials and tribulations found when seeking a creative path, and living with another a tone of hope shines through at points. The book is a good read on its own, yet additionally, 100% of the earnings from Rings of Truth go to the Chilliwack Animal Safe Haven. The Chilliwack Animal Safe Haven helps care for and find homes for cats who need some kindness and love.

About the Author

Robert's developed his authorship with the intent to provide. He is neurotic, obsessive, and persistent, and keeps active with his creative process also for his own clarity and sanity. His work is of the Introversial genre and banner and a core part of who he is.

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