Joe Vampire: Night Falls

Steven Luna

Joe Vampire: Night Falls by Steven Luna
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fiction Fantasy, Humor
For readers of:Christopher Moore, Chuck Palahniuk, Carl Hiassen, A Lee Martinez
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Print Length41 pages
PublisherCrowning Moon Press
Publication DateMarch 5 2014
About the Book

"Our eyes shifted to the center of the room as the new guy entered. His hair practically preceded him, drifting in above the cubicle walls like a parade float as he walked. It was like a crown and a golden cloud and a small natural monument all at the same time." Joe believes the ridiculous notion of vampires who sparkle and sulk is nothing but a poorly-documented pop literature myth. But the new guy on the night shift and the reaction he inspires in the cubicle-dwelling Fredward fangirls throughout the office strike an unexpected blow to the reality of Dudes Undead everywhere.

About the Author

Steven Luna puts his psychology degree to fantastic use by inventing people for others to read about. He's the semi-literate author of the darkly comedic Joe Vampire series and the young adult novel Songs from the Phenomenal Nothing. Check in on his ramblings at of them even make sense.

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Joe Vampire: Night Falls by Steven Luna
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