For fans of:Lupe Fiasco, Drake, Andy Mineo

From childhood, Larry “HOPP” Dorn has recognized that something was obviously different about himself. Whether it was running around the house creating characters and radio personas, or demanding that his family be an attentive audience to one of his one man plays, the kid was certain he would eventually have all eyes on him. His parents, Larry Sr. and Rose Dorn, recognized his natural charisma and without any hesitation they introduced HOPP to the stage. Brought up in the church, HOPP gave his life to the Lord at a young age, but upon entering his teenage years, his desire for social acceptance began to override his desire to please God. As a teen he was bullied, which produced a fear and insecurity that would cause him to do any thing necessary to fit in. This love for the world led him down a path of pain and turmoil that would affect his teenage years and most of his adult life. Thieving, lying, profanity, alcohol, sexual promiscuity consumed his life; he became entangled with that life style. So consumed that it lead to multiple relationships, multiple miscarriages, and a sexual transmitted disease. It wasn’t until the miraculous healing of his disease that he knew something needed to change. After making a few guest starring roles on shows like the ‘Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’ and ‘Nip-Tuck’ and also performing with several community theater groups, HOPP’S ear leaned toward music. Initially, at the age of thirteen his sights were set to become a producer and an aspiring record label owner but HOPP’S focus quickly turned to artistry. In 2009 HOPP came to the realization that the secular music industry was corrupt. This brought him to a life-changing fork in the road, either choosing to continue pursuing the things of this world or to chase after the Masters heart (Christ) as David did. Re-pledging his life to Christ, HOPP turned from the world and the opportunities that were laid before him: a recording contract with Def Jam Records, a management contract, and a personal reality TV series.Since then, HOPP has developed a passion for the Kingdom of God and a heart to change nations through the gift of music and the word of God. As a Youth Staff Director at Abundant Living Family Church, a front-runner for small groups and a teacher for the Junior High and High School ministry, HOPP is completely in tune with today’s generation. He is sincerely passionate about the souls of young people lost in sin, but has a special place in his heart for those raised in the church, yet overcome by complacency and compromise. As a performer, HOPP has shared the stage with renowned artists and speakers such as Cece Winans, Yolanda Adams, Kim Burrell, Dwele, Jeff Hamilton, Deitrick Haddon, Isaac Carree, Trin-i-tee 5:7, Roscoe Umali, Kelly Price Sounds Of Blackness Martha Munizzi, Michael Speaks, Jessica Reedy, GB5, Kel Mitchell, Steph Jones, U-N-I. He has been known to trigger energetic storms when hitting the stage.