Talk about a one-man band: founder Tom Scholz is listed on Boston's 2002 release Corporate America with "Bass, Guitar, Drums, Guitar, Keyboards, Vocal [and] Art Direction" credits. Living proof of the old 'left brain' theory of development [math and music from the same hemisphere; strong in one, strong in the other], Scholz is an MIT graduate with musical ability that he expanded from classical piano to all the instruments the well-stocked rocker's tour bus. Along the way to Boston brand name recognition, Scholz founded his own research company, claiming patents along with pop-rock fame, and has had the time, money, and status to devote some of his time to the environment and poking at politicians. The original, six-member band only lasted for the first album, Boston, after which long production times born of perfectionism led to drop-outs, a lawsuit [Barry Goudreau vs. Scholz] and a record company dispute. Tragically, in 2007, Delp took his own life.