The Heroic Enthusiasts

For fans of:Muse, The London Suede, The Charlatans, The National, Echo and the Bunnymen

With feet firmly planted in the ethos of ‘80s post-punk, and an eye and sound focused toward the future, The Heroic Enthusiasts deliver powerful, intoxicating hooks spiked with touches of sophistication and danger.

The band was formed by James Tabbi and Thomas Ferrara in 2014, but the duo's symbiotic relationship dates back to the early ‘90s. Tabbi, the former lead singer of darkwave stalwarts and critical darlings Eleven Pond, and later, The Artillerymen; and Ferrara, a founding member of New York City-based rock group Bullseye (Columbia Records) and new wave bands The Puppets and 2 Boy Cure, were kindred spirits. A year after Ferrara and Tabbi cemented their musical union, Mike James (Longwave, The Mercies, Admirers) and Anthony Molina (Mercury Rev) joined the band and the line-up was solidified. For Mike James, it was a perfect fit: "We all hit it off with a mutual love of bands like Japan and Cocteau Twins. I think we knew there was immediate chemistry and I was indeed intrigued by the sound. It wasn't forced or revivalist to me. It sounded honest. It made me want to help co-produce and further mold the approach." This intrigue was felt by critics as well. John Worley of Aiding and Abetting hears “ gems [with] loose melodies, understated harmonies, tight rhythm sections and ringing chords -- tightly-crafted songs played with just enough inattention to leave an entrancing haze.”

With the right pieces in place, The Heroic Enthusiasts hit the ground running and played a number of shows, despite not yet having a formal release. After opening for indie favorites Joywave and Caveman, they gained a loyal following of their own. Energized, they went into the studio and released two EPs in 2016 that left fans and critics spellbound (Memory Wheel and The Second Three, which debuted at #34 on the FMQB top 200 sub-modern chart in July 2016). Recently, The Heroic Enthusiasts played their largest show to date—opening for former Ultravox and Visage singer and Live Aid creator, Midge Ure. Accompanying shows and videos are forthcoming in the second half of 2017, which will also see the long-anticipated release of the band's self-titled, self-produced, full-length debut. Mixed by Anthony Molina, it promises to be nothing short of the driving, passionate and precise sound we've come to expect. Heroic, indeed.