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Shake Your Facelift Loose - Single

Shake Your Facelift Loose - Single by Inside Joke
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ComedyHip Hop
For fans of:Lonely Planet, Weird Al, Pigeon John, Lecrae, Beastie Boys
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  1. Shake Your Facelift Loose

On June 29, 2017, President Donald J. Trump referenced Morning Joe co-host, Mika Brzezinski, in a tweet that was intended to get back at Mika and her husband, Joe, for criticizing the President on their show. The tweet stated that Mika and her husband “used to love him” and even were "insisting on joining him" at his Mar-a-Lago hotel earlier in the year for New Year's Eve. In his tweet, however, he recalled Mika "bleeding badly from a facelift." 

More focused on the President's tweeting escapades, no one ever addressed why Mika's facelift was bleeding? The world was left wondering what could cause a facelift to come loose. Well, Cassius Clay and I checked out our touring schedule and sure enough, we were down near Mar-a-Lago that night. While the surveillance video is fuzzy, we believe Mika was there! Upon further investigation, multiple cases surfaced of middle-aged women experiencing face-lift issues following our show. Shockingly, this puzzling effect of facelifts being shaken loose seems to have a direct correlation to our global tour dates and locations. Mika is not alone. 

At first, this concerned us. Could our beats be too nasty for consumption among the general public? When we spoke with these women, however, they reported a great liberation from the social constructs that motivated them to go under the knife. It seems that as the facelift came loose, so did the shackles of expectation that society has placed upon their appearance. This song is an anthem not only for these women who have experienced this trauma on the dance floor, but for all who feel the weight of societal standards of beauty. Cassius and I rejected these ourselves a while back and so this new track is personal, too. With tremendous joy, we provide this anthem that has been nearly three years in the making. This is for all who need to have their facelift (metaphorically or otherwise) shaken loose! Inside Joke

ComedyHip Hop
For fans of:Lonely Planet, Weird Al, Pigeon John, Lecrae, Beastie Boys
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