Mattie Safer

All We Are: Deluxe Edition

All We Are: Deluxe Edition by Mattie Safer
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For fans of:Marvin Gaye, Lauryn Hill, Solange, Nao, Anderson Paak
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  1. Whenever You're Ready
  2. Wherever I Go
  3. Until The Day That I Die
  4. Sea Change
  5. All We Are
  6. All We Are (Patrick Ford Sessions)
  7. Whenever You Want It (Whenever You're Ready Original 2012 Demo)
  8. Whenever You're Ready (December 2012 Demo)
  9. Wherever I Go I Fall In Love (2012 Demo)

To celebrate 2017 I decided to give away my debut EP "All We Are" (released in 2016 on Dream City Sounds) and I've included some EXCLUSIVE demos and alternative versions of songs on the EP with a little of the story behind them.

I hope that you enjoy the music, if you do and you can afford it please consider leaving a tip to help support future musical adventures. Thanks very much for your time and your ears!



Produced, Written & Arranged by Mattie Safer

Co-Produced by Connor Hanwick

Recorded at Mercy Sound Studios (NYC), Midnight Sun (Brooklyn), Wolftone Studio (London)

Engineered by Nick Miller, W. Andrew Raposo, Morgan Wiley, Connor Hanwick, Matt Wiggins

Mixed by Tyler Scott & Nick Miller

Mastered by Dale Becker

Vocals/Background Vocals: Mattie Safer, Méka Brown

Drums/Percussion: Charles Norris III (except "Whenever You're Ready": Leo Taylor)

Bass: Kenji Tokunaga (except "Whenever You're Ready”: Mattie Safer)

Keyboards: Andre Chez Lewis, Andrew Fisher, Morgan Wiley, Mattie Safer (except "Whenever You're Ready”: Nikolaj Torp)

Guitar on “Until The Day I Die”: Victor Song

Strings on "All We Are": Performed and Arranged by Queen Rose

*Except “Sea Change” written by Mattie Safer & Dominic Betmead


"All We Are (Patrick Ford Sessions)": In December of 2011, while paperwork was just starting to get underway for my deal with Paul Epworth's label Wolf Tone he put me into a session with producer/engineer Patrick Ford for a day to make some tiny demos. Very simple setup, just me, my keyboard player Andre Chez Lewis and a Wurlitzer (that didn't have a sustain pedal). It was very cold in the studio.

"Whenever You Want It ('Whenever You're Ready' Original 2012 Demo)": When I first signed my record deal Paul brought me over to London for a session. He flipped through my lyric book until he found a song that intrigued him. We made this demo that day. Ultimately I decided I wanted to try it with a bit more of a live feel, which led to...

"Whenever You're Ready (December 2012 Demo)": This is a version I recorded in NY at Midnight Sun Studios with most of my live band at the time (Charles Norris on drums, Chez Lewis on keys, Kenji Tokunaga on Bass and Gypsy Simpson on guitar). I wanted to see what it would be like recording with more of a live setup, and I liked it a lot. Ultimately I went back to London and re-recorded the track with me on bass and two of Paul's go-to guys, but there's something that's cool about this version too.

"Wherever I Go" (December 2012 Demo)": From the same session as above, an alternative take and feel on "Whenever You're Ready." I think it's a cool vibe, we just went a different direction when it was time to make the actual record.

For fans of:Marvin Gaye, Lauryn Hill, Solange, Nao, Anderson Paak
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