Mike Doughty

For fans of:Dave Matthews Band, Beck, Bon Iver, Ray Lamontagne, Jose Gonzales

Mike Doughty contains multitudes: Singer. Songwriter. Guitar player. Poet. Author. Playwright. Photographer. Most Improved Camper, West Point Youth Camp, 1982. He's released five solo albums, some EPs, a covers album, a couple of live albums, a bunch of EDM tracks and remixes, a poetry book, and a memoir about that time he was in a band called Soul Coughing and didn't like it and took a lot of drugs. He most recently released "Circles Super Bon Bon...," an album of re-imagined Soul Coughing songs recorded with the hip-hop/house DJ Good Goose, in September 2013. Doughty is currently in the midst of a PledgeMusic campaign in support of his next TWO releases: Live At Ken's House, and live recording from his 2013 fall tour due out this summer; andStellar Motel, a brand new studio album of all original songs due out this fall.