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Finnish Home Party

Finnish Home Party  by Nordic Independents
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For fans of:The Velvet Underground, Lana Del Rey, Björk, Neil Young, Tom Petty
  1. New Silver Girl - Love is Like a Goldmine
  2. New Silver Girl-Phantom Ride
  3. Anni - Lost Ones
  4. Anni - Stains
  5. GEA-Snow
  6. GEA-Time
  7. Lone Deer Laredo-Golden Harvest
  8. Lone Deer Laredo-Why Do I Need the Winds
  9. Sam Shaky - I Know
  10. Sam Shaky - Too Proud

Nordic Independents presents a mixtape of Finland’s finest emerging artists, all of whom will be performing in Austin on March 13th at SXSW this year at the Finnish Home Party.

Enjoy this taste of New Silver Girl, Anni, GEA, Lone Dear Laredo, and Sam Shaky and if you’re in Austin for SXSW.



7:15 New Silver Girl

Olli Happonen the leader of the indie rock newcomer New Silver Girl plays a special solo set concentrating on the songs of the band’s eponymous debut.

Listen to New Silver Girl on Youtube

7:45 Anni

You’ll find Anni greeting the sunrise where the dirty concrete blocks hit the pastel waterfront. Like yin & yang, her music brings together warm softness of acoustic piano and rigid coolness of urban beats. Anni is working on her upcoming album and will be sharing the magic of her new songs for the first time.

8:15 GEA - Single release gig

GEA sounds like a Nordic folk saga delivered with modern electro-acoustic production and fairy-like vocals. The music is modern and ancient at the same time. It invites you to dream with her in her calm and beautiful fantasy world. She will be playing songs from her upcoming EP Snow and from her debut album Butterflies.

Listen the upcoming EP Snow on Soundcloud, or the debut album Butterflies on Spotify or Youtube.8:45 Lone Deer Laredo - Debut album release gigDebut album release party. Lone Laredo is artistic, subtle and delicate music based on classic songwriting combining elements from Slavic-Scandinavian imagery and Americana-tinted road trip moments. Visuality plays an important role in the duo’s musical-filmographic universe. Album vol. 1 (out of seven). Come and get your free vinyl!

Listen to Summer of Silk, Why Do I Need the Winds, Silver World

9:15 Sam Shaky

Imagine Arizona's desert under a velvety night sky, stars dripping. Stop your convoy, light up a fire, open your beer and you remember everything you left behind - a bit crouching, pretty much angry. You burst into tears, and you are so deep in your thoughts that you do not even notice the hungry coyote chewing your feet. Sam Shaky's bittersweet rock music is perfect for these kinds of situations.


For fans of:The Velvet Underground, Lana Del Rey, Björk, Neil Young, Tom Petty
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