VI by YWAM Toowoomba
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For fans of:Music, Hopeful Songs, Inspirational Songs, Jesus, New Sounds
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  1. Secret Garden
  2. Sing Praise
  3. Dearest, Don't Go
  4. Left You Behind
  5. Pursuit
  6. Made New
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Nine individuals from all over the globe came together for five months to learn, grow with each other, and ultimately, pursue truth. This is a product of those five months.

Through these songs they have processed their pasts, presents, and futures, particularly focusing on different emotions that people would often experience in the ups and downs of life. Things like hope, melancholy, peace, and yearning.

Their heart for this album is to tell a story that people could relate to, cry to, and find hope in. Whether or not they've written about struggle, hope, or joy, the underlying theme and truth is the accessibility and constant presence of redemption and love, no matter the circumstances we find ourselves in.

We hope you enjoy listening to the album as much as we enjoyed making it!


All songs were written and recorded onsite at YWAM Toowoomba's Studio 514 by the July 2019 Discipleship Training School Music and worship students.  

1. Secret Garden - Written by: Lauren Hinshaw, Ditte Nexgaard Keseler, Tristan Langford

Vocals: Lauren Hinshaw, Ditte Nexgaard Keseler, Tristan Langford - Piano & Strings: Ditte Nexgaard Keseler - Cajon: Kim Startup

2. Sing Praise - Written by: Ditte Nexgaard Keseler, Patrice Keller, Sarah Curtis

Vocals: Ditte Nexgaard Keseler, Patrice Keller, Sarah Curtis - Piano: Ditte Nexgaard KeselerGuitar: Patrice Keller - Clarinet: Sarah Curtis -  Drums: Devan Colby - Bass: Alex Bryant - Choir: July 2019 DTS students

3. Dearest, Don't Go - Written by: Noah Stevens, Alex Bryant

Vocals: Noah Stevens - Piano: Alex Bryant

4. Left You Behind - Written by: Lily Prochon, Keely Hudson, Noah Stevens, Tristan Langford

Vocals: Lily Prochon, Keely Hudson, Noah Stevens, Tristan Langford - Piano: Noah Stevens - Percussion: Kim Startup

5. Pursuit - Written by: Lauren Hinshaw, Julie Loncar

Vocals: Julie loncar, Keely Hudson, Patrice Keller, Lauren Hinshaw - Guitar: Julie Lancar, Patrice Keller - Piano: Abi Hubacher - Drums: Devan Colby

6. Made New - Written by:  Lily Prochan, Julie Lancar, Sarah Curtis

Vocals: Lily Prochan, Julie Loncar, Sarah Curtis - Piano: Abi Hubacher - Guitar: Julie Loncar - Clarinet: Sarah Curtis - Drums: Devan Colby

For fans of:Music, Hopeful Songs, Inspirational Songs, Jesus, New Sounds
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