For fans of:John Legend, Anthony Hamiton, Boyz ll Men, Jaheim, Luther Vandross
Being a native of Los Angeles, Ca. has proved to be great advantage to this smooth vocalist. Whose exposure to musical giants has been vast.

Never one to sit idle, as a teenager. He took quickly to music, developing an appreciation for it`s many different genres. He began singing and teaching himself harmonies. After that he joined a few local groups and started performing. He opened up for The Whispers, The O`Jays, The Johnson Brother and other groups that came through L.A. and also toured overseas.

Now, with his CD “All Grown Up”, which translates into the language of Rhythm & Blues. This CD is full of melodic, infectious grooves, under his soulful smooth vocals. Randolph Bush takes you through New School, Old School and Contemporary Gospel. Innovative is one of the words to describe his overall drive. He says, “I consider myself a performer but I could spend the other time when not performing in the studio producing”.

LINER notes:

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