For fans of:Matchstick Rocket, Techno, Comedy

RandWatt started out in the winter of 2000 with a tape recorder and an urge to sing.They went on tour in Summer 2002 and performed 2 concerts.

The concerts were huge hits, they released several singles, "Spider and Fly", "Potatoes", and "Good Good People".

Alas it was not meant to be as we were going to concert 3, Sam suddenly came down with the Hydropshyhippodious Fever and couldn't tour the rest of the summer.

It was a dark time for RandWatt, and they almost broke up thirteen times and finally just stopped performing and practicing, never officially breaking up though.

In late 2005 the band once again pulled together and started singing like they once did. HIT! They became the biggest band since..since the best.

They made 7 albums, several music videos, and went strong for about two and a half years.

They released huge hits with "Swear Substitute", "Running from Platus", and "Shaving my Sheep".

It was the highest time for the band as they flew up on the local charts and raised awareness for their band.

Eventually, the band faded out and the members lost interest. Randwatt slowed down to a stop in late '06 and officially called it quits. In early 2010, however, talks of one last album began to be tossed around with the former band members. Time will only tell if anything comes out of this.