Second Adam & the New Creations

For fans of:My Epic, Ascend the Hill, Judah & the Lion, Bellarive, Rend Collective

My name is Abe Germano and I head up a music/blogging project called Second Adam & The New Creations. I desire to create theological works of art, with music that spurs believers and unbelievers to think, engaging listeners in my genre of choice, indie-rock...I also like to write more and more, hence the blog. Visit it here:

Thanks for stopping in and listening. I hope my songs encourage believers and bring light and hope to those burdened by sin. There is One whose burden is light and whose yoke is easy...not like the weight of sin that makes sick and kills. Look to Christ, trust His Word. Read it. Ask that you might be granted faith to believe, for it is a gift only He can isn't something anyone is born with, not in the first birth anyway. One must be born again, and when one is, there is no turning back; and that becomes a more and more beautiful reality the further in and closer to death one comes.