The New Schematics

For fans of:The Killers, Walk The Moon, U2, LANY, COIN

Nashville’s The New Schematics spent their first two years on the road, gaining a reputation as a live act with “the crowd control of street preachers” (Cougar Microbes) whose “passion for their art is palpable” (Valstlist). Centering around Cory Bishop and Michael Bare, the duo has a rotating cast of musicians on the road with them to bring their indie rock pop songs from the studio to the stage.

After playing 140 shows in over 50 North American cities, releasing a debut EP with “the markings of a seasoned classic” (Noisetrade), and garnering over 300,000 Spotify streams, they started 2018 with the catchy, honest indie-rock bop "Who Do You Think You Are?". Heart Eyes Magazine calls the new single "an incredible song" and their "best work yet."

They follow it up with sparsely produced "Prove Me Wrong," a song that "is like a sunroom where you want to linger inside its warm message. Delicate vocals and lush production provide a romantic way to say 'I told you so,'" (No Country For New Nashville).

Expect to hear a lot more from The New Schematics throughout the year as they continue to grow their Spotify audience worldwide. As Loveless Magazine puts it: "The New Schematics may just be 2018’s most driven and promising duo."