Here Are a Bunch of Pictures of Donald Trump Eating Bad Food

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Here Are a Bunch of Pictures of Donald Trump Eating Bad Food

President Trump invited the Clemson Tigers—2018 college football champs—to the White House, where he served a banquet of “McDonald’s, Wendy’s and Burger Kings (sic) with some pizza,” because he assumes “that’s their favorite food.” They apparently liked it.

Trump’s assumption about the Clemson players is no surprise, because Trump can only see the world in terms of himself, and that stuff is his favorite food. The President does break with the Tigers over one thing, though: Exercise. Even though he stuffs his face with fat and sodium all day, Trump doesn’t believe in exercise, theorizing instead that the human body works like a battery, with a finite amount of energy stored up that you must apply to activities judiciously. He seems to apply a lot of that energy to eating pure crap, though, and it’s a wonder his battery has lasted so long. Let us now take a brief tour of Trump’s adventures with fast food:

Here we see the President gloating over Kentucky Fried Chicken.

He celebrated his RNC delegate victory by posting an Instagram photo of himself eating McDonalds on his airplane, which you can see in this tweet:

In similar style, we have the famous Taco Bowl tweet.

He loves hot dogs.

He loves pizza, like any New Yorker, but he eats it sacrilegiously—often with right-wing celebrities. Here he is wrong-waying it with Sarah Palin:

Trump once even promoted eating pizza incorrectly:

He seems to at least know how to pizza the right way:

Here’s the President of the United States eating meat on a stick.


Trump likes to enjoy junk food while watching elite athletes.


He really seems to enjoy this.


Here he takes a break from the ice cream to stuff pretzels court-side.

Hell, here he is eating ice cream while playing a sport.

Here Donald Trump prepares his mouth with a well-done Trump Steak, sold exclusively at the Sharper Image electronics store.

And lastly, though he famously doesn’t drink alcohol—his brother died of the stuff—he does drink junk. Here he is—the President of the United States—drinking Diet Coke from a wine glass at a toast at the United Nations:

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