Trump Is Mad at Polls Showing He Might Lose in 2020

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Trump Is Mad at Polls Showing He Might Lose in 2020

For a long time now, polls have showed that most Democratic candidates for president would fare well against Donald Trump in the 2020 general election, and the latest came Wednesday from ABC/WaPo:

Again, this is not new, but something about it clearly woke the Trumpian Dragon:

As Vox explains, the Trump-Clinton polls weren’t as bad as he claims, and in fact the ABC/WaPo poll he bashes specifically was still within the margin of error—they called it 47-43 for Clinton, and it ended up 48-46 for Clinton.

None of that matters, clearly. This one got under Trump’s skin, and he even trotted out a few nicknames in his rage. “Pocahontas” made a comeback, along with “Sleepy Joe,” but for some reason we didn’t get a “Crazy Bernie.” Is Trump part of the mainstream media conspiracy to silence Sanders?

He’s right about the fact that polls can change between now and the election, but what Trump seems to ignore in these diatribes is that no matter who he faces, the candidate won’t be as bad as Hillary Clinton, who had to be historically bad to give him a chance to squeeze out an electoral victory. Without that kind of figure standing opposite him, the 2020 election will always be a hard ask.

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