Watch Protesters Violently Attack Trump Supporters at San Jose Rally, Reinforce Trump’s Racial Message

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By now, you may have already seen the videos of violence outside Thursday’s Donald Trump rally in San Jose—most of it, apparently, perpetrated by protesters rather than Trump supporters. Here’s a decent compilation:

At least two of those incidents were particularly brutal, and showcase yet another unfortunate side effect of Trump’s candidacy—by appealing to racial prejudice, he sparks a counter-reaction among those he threatens, and when they act out, it will undoubtedly galvanize Trump’s own supporters, who see their worst fears—an anti-white movement!—seemingly blowing up in front of their eyes. Which, of course, is going to incite anti-minority violence at some point in the near future. It’s the same philosophy that terrorists use; a dramatic attack by radical Islam, for instance, spurs violent retribution and even legal discrimination against ordinary Muslims, which is in turn used to radicalize more Muslims, which in turn creates more retribution, and etc. etc. etc. Extremism breeds extremism, on both sides, and if this trend of violence continues, you can bet things are going to get a whole lot worse before November.

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