There’s A Feud Brewing Between Diego Maradona And The Simpsons

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They don’t call this the “silly season” for nothing.

Retired Argentine legend Diego Maradona gave an TV interview recently. In a segment resembling domestic sports radio, Maradona gave something of an excited rant about… something. At some point in the segment (as shown below), Maradona exclaimed “I hate The Simpsons!”

Which… okay? I don’t speak Spanish well enough to understand the entire rant, so I’m not sure what the context of that comment was (if there was indeed a context). But fair enough! He doesn’t like The Simpsons! It’s not everyone’s jam! Lots of people say it’s not as good as it used to be! It’s hard to see where the controversy is.

Yet in declaring his Very Strong Opinions about a long-running animated television show, Maradona, the hero of the 1986 World Cup, started a fight that he might not be able to finish.

Enter Humberto Velez, a Mexican voice actor. Velez spent 15 years as the voice of Homer for the Latin American version of the show. He went on Argentine talk show Infama to respond to Maradona’s comments. And boy did he ever.

Via 101 Great Goals, we have a translation of Velez’ response:

”Who is Maradona? Is he the guy who lives in Barcelona, is really famous and who said he didn’t want to have anything to do with the national team? Now I remember who he is. He is a big-titted fat guy. What he does is frankly stupid, I don’t think he is an individual worthy of us. I think it is lovely that a fat kid from the south says this kind of thing. He must have been somewhat more useless than me because he says purely idiotic things.”


Maybe Maradona started this kerfuffle to draw attention away from the ongoing garbage fire that is the AFA. That despite his age, personal problems, and pariah status in Argentine football, Maradona is still serving his country however he can. Bless you, sir.

(Or maybe he’s just more of a Bob’s Burgers kind of guy. Whatevs.)

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