Watch: Outlander Goes Back to the Future in an Episode Filled with Long Talks

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Watch: Outlander Goes Back to the Future in an Episode Filled with Long Talks

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Keri Lumm reviews “Perpetual Adoration” for Paste—you can watch the video above or read the transcript below:

What’s the most boring part of marriage?

Long talks. Buckle up—in Outlander’s fifth episode this season, you are in for some boredom.

Granted, Claire did change history with a medical breakthrough. Now, I know die hard fans and historians are upset, but seriously. This is not a huge deal. Who cares if death by basic infection stops a few years earlier in pretend history? She’s already time travelled. Let her have this!

She uses the penicillin right away, but there is this weird flashback back story first …

Gotta be honest. I did not like this part. It shows Claire and Bree back in Boston in the 60s. Claire loses a patient because he has an allergic reaction to penicillin she prescribes, and we learn that this is the reason she took the leave of absence and ended up in Scotland, meeting Roger, and eventually finding Jamie.

Also, Claire and Bree look the same age. Like Gilmore Girls: Boston.

But the whole point of the flashback is that she tries to help a Scottish man. He dies, and she is grateful that some good came out of it. Because hey, penicillin! And the twins get a tonsillectomy without anesthesia!

Maybe that should be her next discovery ….

Roger and Bree have had a happy reunion in the bedroom, but the happiness doesn’t last because Roger finds a big diamond and in his flashback he knows where it came from. Bree has to confess that she went to see Stephen Bonnet in prison and that she told him that Jemmy was his child.

Roger is understandably not happy.

So per usual, he leaves … which is why she went to see Bonnet in the first place. When Roger left the last time, she didn’t know where he was.

Then there’s a long talk when he finds Claire in the woods, and a long talk with Bree when he goes back and finds out that Stephen Bonnet is alive.

The best part of the episode revolves around Jamie. Whereas everyone else is just milling in their feelings and thoughts, his story moves forward. He is on the road with the lieutenant, and they are still searching for Murtaugh and trying to raise their army.

But this is all conflicted because the Governor has decided to pardon anyone who was in Aldsmuir prison, with one notable exception: Murtaugh Fitzgibbons.

Over a game of chess, the lieutenant puts it together that Jamie was related to Murtaugh, and it becomes clear that he will have to eliminate the good governor or be eliminated himself. So he chokes him to death.

Jamie is just a stone cold killer this season!

Then he covers his tracks with a smoked out fireplace where he burned the documents, and he sneaks out the window.

The best part is that he saves a kitten.

I like comforting TV. I’m ok if there isn’t tons of plot, but it needs to move the story. If they are not going to move the story along, just show us more kittens please.

Outlander airs Sunday nights on Starz.

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