The Bridge: “Harvest of Souls”

(Episode 2.06)

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The Bridge: “Harvest of Souls”

One of the many reasons I enjoy The Bridge is that the show fully embraces its bizarre quirkiness, while taking characters down deeper and darker paths. Almost every character was in greater danger by the end of the hour, and the episode left me with many questions.

Jim Dobbs’ drawings lead Jack to a long-since disintegrated corpse. Whose body is it? Why did Jack know to look for it? Was he in some way part of the crimes his brother committed? I don’t know, but I’m worried for Sonya. I keep thinking there has to be a compelling reason the show introduced the Jack character this season.

Sonya and Jack dump Jim’s ashes in the trash, and Sonya gives Jack a key to her place (a move which actually had me screaming at my TV, “No don’t do that!”). Sonya is not taking any flak from Hank about the fact that she’s sleeping with the brother of the man who killed her sister. “I’m not asking for permission,” she tells him. Well, okay then.

Poor Aberlado thinks he’ll be fine especially now that he has protection. But his bodyguard turns on him and, after being tortured by Robles’ men, Aberlado is found dead in the middle of the street. Marco and Sonya want to find Eva’s affidavit and go to Aberlado’s hotel. (I guess we’re supposed to assume no other prosecuting attorney would risk his life taking Eva’s statement again?) They find the affidavit, but are soon joined by Juarez cops. Sonya, who is not licensed to carry a gun in Juarez, shoots one of the cops. Marco shoots them both dead. “This is bad,” Sonya says. “It’s on me. It’s my problem. You were never here. You understand,” Marco tells her. This should bond the two lead characters more than ever before.

The most surprising reveal of the hour is that Chip (the real estate agent that showed Eleanor the model home) is alive. I so thought he was a goner. Now I think maybe he’s on Fausto’s payroll? How else would he have survived the massacre? Chip leads Sonya and Hank to check out the home which they find in perfectly polished shape—not a spec of blood anywhere. But Cesar, who is becoming more nefarious with each passing episode, is there watching them and reporting their appearance to someone on the other end of the phone. It’s most likely, Fausto Galvan.

Daniel and Adriana, fueled by the confessions of the cartel hitman, finish their story about cartel money laundering, Rayburn National Bank, and Grupo Cleo. They both know they’re putting themselves in danger by publishing the story, but you also get the sense that the story is the only thing keeping Daniel from going on a complete bender. They email the story to their editor who didn’t print it because the legal department didn’t approve. Daniel gets fired and responds by spilling his urine all over the news room floor. I kind of loved Daniel’s “you can take this job and shove it” moment (but then I love pretty much everything Daniel does). But I do want Daniel and Adriana to continue to work together on this story, especially now that we know Cerisola has targeted Adriana.

Sebastian Cerisola goes to see Fausto and tries to talk to him about all the murders that have been taking place. “The DEA is out of Juarez in return for reduced violence,” he tells him. But Fausto is not likely to stop his killing spree any time soon.

Other thoughts on “Harvest of Souls”:

•No Eleanor this week. That seems strange considering the important role she played in the early episodes. Will we ever find out what’s up with the acorn-loving creature Fausto has locked up?

•No Ray and Charlotte this week either which is probably for the best.

•Fausto’s take on his family life: “My wife breaks my balls. My girlfriend breaks my wallet.”

•Eva went from victim to avenger in this episode. How will that change her?

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