Best of What's Next 2009: Kim Taylor [Musician]

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Best of What's Next 2009: Kim Taylor [Musician]
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Kim Taylor’s connections to fellow Ohioans Over the Rhine are hard to ignore: The singer/songwriter has performed with the band on tour and her sultry voice is a dead-ringer for OTR’s Karin Bergquist. But lately Taylor has been hiding out in a barn in Indianapolis, recording a new album and perfecting a style uniquely her own. We expect nostalgic, strummy heartbreakers along with a few piano-pop songs—and perhaps an Over The Rhine collaboration, too. “Karin and I,” Taylor says, “have increasingly been finding more ways to sing together.”
What’s Next? “Last [fall], I worked with producer Mike Deneen (Fountains of Wayne, Howie Day, Aimee Mann) and released The Greatest Story EP. That project is part of a bigger picture that I’ll finish and release as a full length,” Taylor says. “Right now, I’m staying close to my hometown and self-producing a new project. The working title is The Archer. I’m playing a lot of instruments on this one—a lot of piano and organ and Rhodes. It’s a lot of fun and it’s really renewing my spirit. It’s where I need to be right now. I’m hoping to release it by the end of 2009.”