Car Seat Headrest Unveil Anthemic New Track, “Cute Thing”

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Car Seat Headrest Unveil Anthemic New Track, “Cute Thing”

Car Seat Headrest have released “Cute Thing,” another new track from their forthcoming re-recording of the 2011 album Twin Fantasy.

Will Toledo self-released Twin Fantasy on Bandcamp in 2011 and this re-recorded, re-imagined version will be out on Feb. 16 via Matador Records.

Following the release of “Beach Life-In-Death” and “Nervous Young Inhumans,” Car Seat Headrest’s Toledo is back with another new cut from the album, “Cute Thing,” an cleaner, less distorted, more anthemic version of the 2011 original. The track shows off what Toledo does best: punchy, melodic alt-rock with lyrics bursting of youthful angst, social anxiety and romantic yearning.

Toledo gives nods to James Brown and Frank Ocean (replacing the Bandcamp original’s nods to Dan Bejar and John Entwistle, respectively) in the song’s lyrics, and he puts his wordsmith qualities on display here, with lines like, “he died in an explosion / of mixed media / and poorly written reviews / and some stammering drunk who tried to tell him how good his shit was.”

Listen to “Cute Thing” below and preorder Twin Fantasy here.

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