Daily Dose: Cheekface, “Dry Heat/Nice Town”

A sunny and sarcastic rock tune for the modern age.

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Daily Dose: Cheekface, “Dry Heat/Nice Town”

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Cheekface are an L.A. rock trio— Greg Katz, Amanda Tannen, and Mark Edwards— who confront the absurdity of modern life one sardonic smirk at a time. Inspired by “great American talk-singers, like Jonathan Richman, Stephen Malkmus and Lou Reed,” singer Katz deadpans his way through the band’s new track “Dry Heat/Nice Town,” which playfully mocks the liberal culture of progressive cities like Los Angeles.

“Mandy and I wrote this one after we went to the Women’s March,” says Katz. “I think the only way a more utopian society can happen is through mass protest movements. The central question of the song is, what would happen in L.A. if a public demonstration resulted in socialist utopia? And the answer is, there would be free green juice at 7-11.”

Hear “Dry Heat/Nice Town” below.

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